The national energy investment leadership team will determine that coal thermal power, wind power, coal oil, etc. will be covered.

On November 20th, the National Energy Investment Group announced that the group’s leadership team has determined that Shenhua and Guodian have made significant progress in restructuring. On the morning of the same day, the National Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. held a meeting of middle-level managers. The company’s leadership team was officially released, Qiao Baoping served as chairman and party secretary, Ling Wen served as director, general manager and deputy secretary of the party group.

Prior to this, Qiao Baoping was the chairman of Guodian Group, Ling Wen was the general manager of Shenhua Group and the vice chairman of China Shenhua. Since the suspension of China Shenhua and Guodian Power in early June this year, the restructuring expectations of Shenhua Group and Guodian Group have been the focus of the market. On August 28, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission agreed to implement a joint restructuring between Shenhua Group and Guodian Group.

Shenhua Group changed its name to National Energy Investment Group, and as the parent company after the reorganization, it absorbed the merger of Guodian Group. Shenhua Group said in an interview with China Securities Journal that the combined national energy investment group will cover coal mining and sales, power generation and heat production, port railway shipping, coal chemical, finance, energy conservation and equipment manufacturing. And other business, across multiple industry categories. In the future, the National Energy Investment Group will become the four major platforms for coal, thermal power, wind power and coal-to-oil coal chemical industry. Tr