New battery meets water to generate electricity: 10 times longer endurance!

The batteries we normally contact, whether alkaline or lithium ion, are marked “far away from water source and humid environment” in a striking position to avoid battery performance degradation or even short circuit.

Shanxi launched a pilot reform of coal electricity aluminum material integration It is reported that this strange battery uses aluminium alloy to react with seawater to generate electricity. When seawater flows into aluminium alloy parts of batteries, it will be separated into hydrogen and oxygen ions, in which hydrogen and oxygen ions interact with aluminium anode to form aluminium hydroxide and release electrons. When electrons return to aluminium alloy parts, they will transmit energy to the circuit and then power the underwater UAV.

According to Open Water Power, aluminium water batteries are 10 times more powerful than conventional batteries, enough to cover a range of 1,000 miles. In addition, the cost of aluminium alloy is low, even if it is damaged by seawater corrosion, it can be replaced at will; the aluminium hydroxide and hydrogen gas discharged from the process of generating electricity are harmless wastes and will not pollute the environment.

But researchers from Open Water Power, a foreign technology company, have to go against common sense and successfully invent a battery that generates electricity when it meets water for underwater UAV equipment.