Successful Development of Bearings for High Power Wind Turbine

The highest level automatic subway train is put into operation It is understood that the project lasted for three years. The main task is to design, manufacture and test the yaw bearing, propeller bearing and spindle bearing of fans above 5MW, break through the key technology of high-power fan series bearings, and form a complete research and development system from design to manufacture. During the research and development of the project, the Bush Shaft Group cooperated with Dalian University of Technology on the basis of independent research and development to overcome bearing load characteristic analysis and calculation technology, bearing structure design technology, bearing material and heat treatment technology, cage manufacturing technology, roller surface bus shape stability control technology, bearing detection and test. Six key technologies, such as technology, have successfully developed 5MW yaw bearing, propeller bearing and 6MW spindle bearing. Their performances have reached the advanced level of the same kind of products in the world. They have been installed and operated by customers with stable and reliable performance and have been recognized by customers.

On December 2, the major project of Liaoning Province’s scientific and technological innovation, bearing matching for 5MW and above high-power wind turbines, undertaken by the Bushaft Group, passed the acceptance of the expert group in Shenyang smoothly. The 5MW yaw bearing, propeller bearing and 6MW spindle bearing developed by this project are the core components of high-power wind turbines. It breaks the situation that the matching bearings of high-power wind turbines depend on imports from abroad, fills the gap in China, and is another significant achievement in the field of major energy equipment in Liaoning Province.