Notice on Adjusting scientists 3d printed the Policy of Financial Subsidies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles

(1) Raise the threshold of recommended vehicle catalogue and adjust it dynamically. One is to increase vehicle energy consumption requirements. Pure electric passenger cars increase the power consumption requirement of 100 kilometers under the corresponding working conditions according to the quality of the whole vehicle; Pure electric special vehicles increase the energy consumption per unit load mass (Ekg) and per ton of 100 kilometers according to the type of vehicle; Further enhance the energy consumption per unit load mass (Ekg) requirement of pure electric passenger cars. The second is to improve the threshold requirements of vehicle driving range. To improve the driving mileage requirements of pure electric bus and fuel cell vehicle, the new energy bus driving mileage test method should be adjusted from 40 km/h constant speed method to working condition method in time, and the driving mileage threshold of pure electric passenger car should be gradually raised. Third, introduce the new national standard of power battery, improve the safety, cycle life, charge and discharge performance of power battery, and set the threshold of power battery energy density. Improve the technical requirements of fuel cell vehicles. Fourth, to improve safety requirements, depending on the nature and severity of the accident, to deduct subsidy funds and suspend the eligibility of vehicle types or enterprises for subsidy. Fifth, establish market sampling inspection mechanism, strengthen the management of vehicle inspection links, and timely clean up the “Catalogue of Recommended Vehicle Types for New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application” (hereinafter referred to as “Catalogue”). Sixth, we should establish a dynamic management system of the Catalogue. Subsidies can only be applied for when new energy automobile products are included in the Catalogue for sale and promotion. Within a year, there is still no actual sales of models, cancel the “Catalogue” qualifications. Seventh, to promote the application of new energy vehicles. For new energy vehicles purchased by non-individual users to apply for subsidies, the cumulative driving mileage shall be 30,000 km (except for special vehicles for operation), and the subsidies standards and technical requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the annual vehicle license acquisition.
(2) On the premise of maintaining the overall stability of the subsidy policy for 2016-2020, adjust the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles. For new energy buses, power batteries are the core of subsidy, production costs and technological progress of batteries are the basis of accounting. The threshold of subsidy admission is set, including energy consumption level, vehicle driving mileage, weight ratio of batteries to vehicle, battery performance level, etc. The subsidy standard of vehicles is determined by considering battery capacity, energy density level, charging rate, fuel saving rate and other factors comprehensively. Subsidies for new energy trucks and special vehicles will be further improved and approved according to the way of grading and regression of battery power to provide driving power. At the same time, the central and local subsidy caps shall be set respectively, in which the local financial subsidy (the sum of local financial subsidy at all levels) shall not exceed 50% of the central financial bicycle subsidy (attached to the detailed plan). In addition to fuel cell vehicles, the central and local subsidy standards and upper limits for all types of vehicles from 2019 to 2020 have been reduced by 20% on the basis of existing standards. At the same time, relevant ministries and commissions will continue to adjust and improve according to the technological progress of new energy vehicles, industrial development, promotion and application scale and other factors.
(3) Improve the allocation of subsidized funds. At the beginning of each year, the production enterprises submit the capital liquidation report of the previous year and the sales and operation of their products, including sales invoices, technical parameters of products and registration information of vehicles, etc. The leading department of the promotion of new energy vehicles in the place where the enterprises are registered shall examine and verify the materials reported by the enterprises in conjunction with the relevant departments and publicize them step by step. Report to the leading department of provincial promotion work; the leading department of provincial new energy vehicle promotion will report the declaration materials to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance, and copy them to the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Development and Reform Commission after checking and focusing on spot checks with relevant departments. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with relevant departments, examines the application reports of various places and issues verification reports to the Ministry of Finance in the light of routine verification and key spot checks. The Ministry of Finance allocates subsidized funds in accordance with the verification report.
(1) The production enterprise is the main body responsible for ensuring the truthfulness and accuracy of the new energy vehicle promotion information. Manufacturing enterprises should strictly abide by relevant laws, regulations, standards and system measures of the state and industry; strengthen management and control of their own production and sales links, and be responsible for the true reliability of the reported new energy vehicle promotion information jointly with sales enterprises; formulate feasible control plans, use product information management system, etc., to strengthen the management of sales information of their sellers at all levels. In order to ensure the authenticity, accuracy and accessibility of product promotion information and consumer information reported step by step, sales enterprises should strictly check each sales information. Enterprises should establish enterprise monitoring platform to reflect the sales and operation of vehicles comprehensively, authentically and in real time, and unify the interface and data exchange protocol according to the relevant requirements of the state, so as to report relevant information timely and accurately. The newly-manufactured vehicles must be equipped with remote monitoring equipment such as on-board terminals; they have been manufactured or sold before 2016 to provide users with free additional services; and the vehicles sold to individual consumers should be strictly protected from personal privacy in information collection and management.
(2) Local governments are the main bodies responsible for implementing supporting policies and organizing promotion work. Local governments should conscientiously implement scientists 3d printed the relevant documents and requirements of the State Council, assume the main responsibility for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, clarify the leading departments of local new energy vehicles promotion, and do a good job in organizing and implementing the promotion of new energy vehicles. First, we should adjust and improve local support policies. Local governments at all levels should scientifically formulate new energy vehicle promotion programs in light of local conditions, increase support for charging infrastructure of new energy vehicles, intensify renewal and replacement of new energy vehicles in public service areas such as urban public transport, rental and sanitation, and strengthen supervision and inspection of enterprises. Second, strengthen the management of the use of funds. Leading departments of local new energy automobile promotion shall, in conjunction with relevant departments, take effective responsibility for the supervision of financial fund declaration and use management, strictly examine and check the links of vehicle license, vehicle operation, subsidy declaration and data examination according to their respective responsibilities; and strengthen the management of vehicle inspection links to ensure that the core components such as whole vehicle and battery are delivered and used, together with Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises, etc. The product announcement (hereinafter referred to as the “announcement”) is consistent; the system of accountability should be established, the responsible persons who are not strictly controlled should be investigated according to law, and the penalties for dishonest enterprises such as fraud and compensation should be increased. Local financial departments should strengthen the management of financial funds, allocate subsidized funds according to the actual promotion of enterprises, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of subsidized funds. Third, establish and improve the local regulatory platform. Relevant provinces (districts and municipalities) should establish local new energy vehicle regulatory platforms, collect and collate timely data submitted by enterprises, dock with national regulatory platforms, and strengthen the supervision and management of local vehicles. Fourth, optimize the environment for industrial development. No restriction on purchasing new energy vehicles shall be implemented. The national unified Catalogue should be strictly implemented. No obstacles should be set up or disguised to restrict the entry of foreign brand vehicles and spare parts, construction of charging facilities and operation enterprises into the local market.
(3) The relevant departments of the State will strengthen supervision and inspection of the promotion and application. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has taken the lead in establishing a national regulatory platform for new energy vehicles, through which the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (privately purchased passenger cars can be relaxed appropriately according to the circumstances) are routinely monitored. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in conjunction with relevant departments, has established a verification system for the promotion of new energy vehicles, and regularly and irregularly organizes third-party organizations or provincial departments concerned to conduct verification and spot checks on the promotion information of new energy vehicles.
(1) To recover the funds obtained or defrauded in violation of regulations, confiscate the illegal income, and impose fines and other penalties on relevant enterprises and personnel Scientists 3D printed in accordance with the Regulations on the Punishment and Punishment of Financial Illegal Acts and other relevant provisions. The judicial organs shall investigate and deal with the suspected crimes. At the same time, according to the seriousness of the circumstances, measures such as suspending or canceling the “Announcement” of the vehicle production enterprises and products, and canceling the qualification of applying for subsidized funds should be taken. In the case of non-conformity with the verification of promotion information, as well as checking and spot checking by relevant departments to determine that false sales, product configuration and technical status are inconsistent with the Catalogue of the Announcement, that uploaded data are inconsistent with the actual situation, and that vehicles are idle after receiving subsidies, the subsidized funds will be deducted, the eligibility of subsidized funds applied for will be cancelled, or the vehicle production enterprises or products will be suspended or cancelled, depending on the seriousness of the Punishment measures such as the Announcement. For products with potential safety hazards and safety accidents in application, according to the nature and severity of the accidents, penalties such as stopping production, ordering immediate correction and suspending the eligibility of subsidy fund application should be taken.
(2) Government organs and their staff who assist enterprises in defrauding financial subsidies by means of false reporting or falsely collecting funds shall be investigated for corresponding responsibilities in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Civil Servants Law and the Administrative Supervision Law; those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling.
(3) Regions with imperfect management systems, lax checks and verifications, inadequate organization of verification work and fraudulent compensation by enterprises shall be notified and criticized according to the seriousness scientists 3d printed of the situation, and infrastructural rewards and supplementary funds shall be deducted and punished.
This Notice will be implemented from January 1, 2017. Other relevant provisions will continue to be implemented in accordance with the Notice on Financial Support Policies for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles in 2016-2020 (Caijian [2015] 134).