Intelligent management of chemical industry park needs to be accelerated

However, there are still some problems in the development of the intelligent chemical industry park. Zhao Chen, product director of Beijing Thought Intelligence Park Technology Co., Ltd., said that at present, some parks’information supporting facilities and services are not perfect enough, lacking top-level design and high-standard planning, extensive intelligent management methods, low level of intelligence, single means of data acquisition in the parks, and multi-source heterogeneous phenomena are highlighted. “Wisdom Park is an important weight to balance the balance of high-quality development, safety and environmental protection in the park, so these problems must be solved.” Zhao Chen said.

Zhao Chen mentioned that, considering the intelligent transformation is an “expensive” process, it is suggested that the park should do its best to gradually strengthen the intelligent management of the park, so that business information can be fully integrated and interconnected. In the aspect of safety supervision, in order to realize the comprehensive supervision of “two key points and one major” and ensure the intrinsic safety of key technological installations, the early warning situation is composed of hidden dangers and accident dynamic data, which are displayed in the form of GIS visualization. In the aspect of emergency response, it is necessary to discover, warn and dispose of key technological installations in the first time. In the aspect of intelligent environmental protection supervision, we should pay attention to the environmental conditions in and around the park, focus on monitoring the key polluting enterprises and risk sources within the park, and use big data to trace the sources accurately. In the aspect of standard evaluation system, we should establish the standards and evaluation system that the park can follow. To lay a solid foundation for the management of the park, to achieve clear objectives and targeted.

As a powerful assistant to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the park, the development of the intelligent park is in full swing. However, because it is still in its infancy, there are still some problems in the process of intelligent transformation of chemical industry parks, and some parks do not have enough knowledge of intelligent parks. Therefore, the industry should further promote the development of smart parks and truly make them the “spokesperson” of safety and environmental protection. This is what the reporter of China Chemical Daily learned in an interview last week.

According to reports, at the end of 2016, Jiaxing Port Area and Liaocheng Luxi Chemical Park officially launched a pilot demonstration of the intelligent chemical park. Now the construction of the two parks is progressing smoothly, with good results, and the level of safety and environmental protection has been greatly improved. At present, more than 10% of key chemical parks at or above the provincial level in China have started the construction of intelligent chemical parks. The construction of intelligent chemical parks is steadily and rapidly advancing from demonstration pilot projects to the whole industry. Each park has greatly improved its understanding of the intelligent park. Especially in several major provinces, more than 10 chemical parks have begun the construction of the intelligent chemical park. Even some chemical parks in inland provinces have proposed to join the team of the demonstration pilot of the intelligent park.

Heilongjiang corn stalk mechanized returning to the field 40 yuan per mu Yang Ting, secretary-general of the working committee of the CPCI Park, said that it was urgent for the development of the park to comprehensively implement the intelligent upgrading of the chemical industry park, strengthen the deep integration of industrialization and informatization, and essentially improve the safety level, environmental protection level and green development level of the chemical industry park. With the deepening of the pilot demonstration work of the intelligent chemical park, the “wisdom” pursued by the chemical park has undergone a profound change in form, paying more attention to the ecological concept as the core.