SKF provides hub bearing units for Alfa Romeo’s new Stelvio model.

The hub bearing units supplied to Stelvio are manufactured by Skyfu Airasca, Italy.

Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group (FCA) recently launched Alfa Romeo Stelvio, a new model for which Skyfu provides hub bearing units (three generations of hub bearing units).

Alpha Romeo’s powerful new Stelvio SUV is equipped with Skyfu’s high-quality three-generation hub bearing units.

The third generation hub bearings consist of a flange mounted on a fixed ring and a flange mounted on a rotating ring. Rotating flange can achieve very low end runout after bearing assembly, which reduces vibration and noise during braking.

Skyfu provides Stelvio with three different three generations of hub bearings. The utility model is used for a non-driving wheel, and the other two driving wheels for two-drive and four-drive versions can meet the corresponding torque of 510 horsepower. The raceway geometric design of Skyfu three generations hub bearings has very high stiffness, which enables Stelvio drivers to experience excellent driving and handling.

The hub bearing units supplied to Stelvio are manufactured by Skyfu Airasca, Italy.

The national energy investment leadership team will determine that coal thermal power, wind power, coal oil, etc. will be covered. The third generation hub bearing unit is a highly integrated lightweight hub bearing system. The raceway and ball group of double row angular contact ball bearings as the main body are paired to provide the required preload. The optimal design of contact angle can provide specific pre-tightening force for the high performance vehicle and bear extreme wheel load conditions.