In the era of car dream artificial intelligence, what jobs are not eliminated?

Artificial intelligence is widely used: intelligent search engine, machine translation, machine writing, automatic driving, various robots and so on. Their appearance makes our life more convenient and relaxed. But at the same time, the emergence of artificial intelligence has also caused many people’s concerns. Especially after Alpha Go was born and defeated the world’s top Go players, there are many worries about whether artificial intelligence will take the place of some human work.

Which job is the easiest to be replaced by AI?

So what kind of jobs are likely to be replaced by AI in the future? The book Artificial Intelligence refers to the “Five-second Principle” to determine whether a job is easily replaced by AI. With the great technological breakthrough of “deep learning”, AI has entered the era of practical work from the age of invention. Now is the future, and we live in an era that is totally different from the past. Faced with the coming era of artificial intelligence in which opportunities and challenges coexist, we must understand artificial intelligence and keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence so as not to be eliminated by the times.

“Five seconds principle”: A work originally performed by a person, if a person can make a corresponding decision within five seconds on the issues that need to be considered and decided in the work, then the work will be very likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence technology in whole or in part. For example, pipeline employees who do not need to think, simple news writers who need timeliness, translators, basic accountants and other positions are all partially in line with the above five-second principle.

For the driver industry, including Uber and drip in the field of travel, search engine giants such as Google and Baidu are actively trying to develop driverless, and a small number of operating vehicles have begun trial operation. Driverless water testing has impacted many transport industries.

So what kind of job is not easily replaced by AI? The answer is what AI can’t do at present. For example, cross-domain reasoning, Abstract ability, aesthetics, emotion and so on. Therefore, such as literature, artistic creation and appreciation, service industries that need to communicate with people, psychotherapists, etc. are not easily replaced by machines.

In the era of artificial intelligence, procedural, repetitive skills that can be mastered only by memory and practice will be worthless skills that can almost certainly be accomplished by machines; on the contrary, those skills that best reflect the overall quality of human beings, such as the ability of comprehensive analysis and decision-making of human beings and complex systems, and art. The aesthetic ability and creative thinking of culture, the intuition and common sense produced by life experience and cultural edification, and the ability to interact with others based on one’s own emotions (love, hate, enthusiasm, indifference, etc.). These are the most valuable and worth learning and training skills in the era of artificial intelligence.

Although some professions are easily replaced by AI, this does not mean that many people will be unemployed, but on the way of technological progress, many jobs need to be transformed to better adapt to the times.

Just like in a society where cars are already popular, it would seem incompatible to learn how to drive a horse and carriage. Of course, this example may seem a little extreme, but the social development of artificial intelligence is changing with each passing day, and then using the car dream old viewpoint to look at the occupation, it is likely to face the embarrassing situation of unemployment after four years of University graduation.

Therefore, parents should guide their children’s car dream growth and learning with a developmental perspective. They should not impose their previous experience entirely on their children. They should let their children develop the habit of reading and self-learning from an early age, learn efficient reading and writing methods, read more books, read well, and be able to output the knowledge they have learned well.

Children should be encouraged to cope with the changing society with adequate knowledge reserves and excellent self-learning car dream ability.

Children should be encouraged to cope with the changing society with adequate knowledge reserves and excellent self-learning ability.