CNOOC opened the ergonomics system research for the first time in China

In recent days, led by the Engineering Construction Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation Shenzhen Branch Deepwater Engineering Construction Center and CNOOC Engineering Design Company jointly compiled the company-level series of standard specifications “Ergonomics Manual” (total Twelve volumes), has been approved by the head office, and has started the preparation work in full. This is the first time in China to carry out research on ergonomic systems in the field of offshore oil and gas engineering.

Ergonomics is an emerging edge science. It is based on the conditions and characteristics of people, machines and the environment, reasonably assigning the operational functions undertaken by people and machines, and adapting them to each other, thus creating a comfortable and safe working environment for people to achieve an optimal comprehensive work efficiency. Subject.

The ergonomics system research carried out this time is based on the preparation of the “Ergonomics Handbook”. The manual is divided into 12 volumes, including electrical, instrumentation, machinery, structure and other professional design recommendations. practice. The specifications referenced in previous engineering design have less consideration of the cooperation of people, machines and environment. Through the ergonomics manual, the impact of the environment on people will be considered more from the norms to maximize comfort, safety and reasonableness. The relationship between people, machines, and the environment. The preparation of the “Ergonomics Handbook” is the need for oilfield development and operation QHSE management. It is a full embodiment of the people-oriented management concept and is gradually integrated with the advanced management of the international oil and gas industry.