Heilongjiang corn stalk mechanized returning to the field 40 yuan per mu

After the autumn harvest, the reporter learned from the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of the Provincial Agricultural Committee that this province will give a subsidy of 40 yuan per mu for the first time in the province.

The corn stalk mechanized returning subsidy is for the province (city, district) to implement corn stalk burying, crushing and mixing directly returning to the field, and installing with straw returning Local agricultural socialization service organization for remote automatic detection instruments. The mechanized returning technology of corn stalks should be carried out according to the prescribed burying and shredding straw returning mode. The depth of deep pine and deep turning should reach 30 cm. After the corn stalks are mechanized and returned to the field, it is necessary to promptly ridge and suppress the ridges to reach the state to be broadcasted, so as to avoid running in the spring.

In order to ensure that the subsidy funds are actually used for mechanized returning of corn stalks, the province will implement “four clear” in the implementation of subsidies: clarify the mode of fund disbursement, operation methods, work tools and acceptance methods. After the operation, the mechanized returning area of ​​corn stalks will be announced simultaneously in counties, townships and villages(About Car).