Unit 1 of Ling’ao Nuclear Power Station has been in continuous safe operation for more than 12 years.

On August 7, the reporter learned from China General Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as CGN) that the No. 1 unit of the Lingao Nuclear Power Plant at the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base in Shenzhen has been shut down for more than 12 years since March 26, 2005. On August 7, 2017, it has been running safely for 4,146 days, and the number of consecutive safe operation days ranks first in the world in the same type of international units. The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base has a total of 6 million kilowatt-class nuclear power units in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I and Ling Ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase II. It is currently the world’s largest light water pressurized water reactor nuclear power base.

The first unit of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant was started on August 7, 1987, and it has been a full 30 years since then. Since the first unit was put into commercial operation in 1994, the Daya Bay nuclear power base has continued to maintain safe and stable operation. The unit operation performance is higher than the international advanced level, and it has steadily maintained its first phalanx in the international nuclear energy operation field. According to Zhao Fuming, the safety director of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operation Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of 6 units of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base, the World Nuclear Operators Association (WANO) indicator is an important indicator for measuring the safety level of nuclear power in the world. There are currently 12 performance indicators to evaluate the nuclear power unit. The operation of the situation.

In 2016, among the 72 indicators of the 6 units of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base, a total of 47 indicators reached the world’s top 1/4 of the advanced level, of which 43 items reached the world’s top 1/10 level of excellence, with an excellent rate of 59.7%. Since 1999, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base has participated in the international similar unit safety performance challenge held by the French Electric Power Group (EDF) every year. It has won 36 first place and is the world’s most awarded nuclear power. base. “Continuous non-planned shutdown and shutdown” is a key indicator reflecting the management level of nuclear power plants. Zhao Fuming said that the No. 1 unit of Lingao Phase I continued to operate safely for 4,146 days, 15 months ahead of the second-ranked French unit. Unit 3 of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, ranked third, has a safe and continuous operation of 3,026 days. Tr