The first batch of China Industrial Heritage Protection List announced

On January 27th, the China Industrial Heritage Protection Directory, hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology, was held in Beijing. The 100 items of China Industrial Heritage Protection List (the first batch) were officially announced, covering coal mines, oil fields, chemical industry, military industry and other fields. A total of 16 energy and chemical projects were selected.

The coal mines in these projects account for half. In addition, Miaoli Oil Mine (now Taiwan Oil Mine Exhibition Hall), Yanchang Oil Mine, Dushanzi Oil Mine (Kelamayi Oilfield), Yumen Oil Mine, Daqing Oilfield, Tianjin Soda Plant (Tianjin Soda Plant History Museum), Yonglihao Plant, Beijing Coking Plant ( Beijing Eastern Industrial Heritage Cultural Park) was also selected.

It is understood that the Yanchang oil mine in Yanxian County, Shaanxi Province was founded in 1907. It is the earliest and earliest oil mine discovered in mainland China. The first official oil plant extended the oil factory and the first mainland. Industrial oil wells have ended the history of oil production in mainland China and have been hailed as “Gangchen Oil Mine”. Founded in 1915, Tianjin Soda Plant is China’s first modern salt factory and the earliest salt chemical company in China. It is also the earliest alkali-making enterprise in China and even in Asia. In addition, the Yonglihao Plant in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province is the first fertilizer plant in China.