China successfully trial-produced special needle-shaped coke for lithium battery anodes

The special needle coke for lithium battery anodes in China is expected to bid farewell to all imports. Recently, Zhongke Hechuang (Beijing) Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Center organized experts to evaluate the results of the project “Development of needle-type coke for lithium-ion anodes for low-temperature extraction of asphalt”. The evaluation committee believes that the project uses coal tar low-temperature extraction of asphalt to prepare needle-shaped coke for lithium battery negative electrode, and the comprehensive technical level has reached international advanced level. It is recommended to accelerate the development of process package and carry out large-scale project design.

The project was completed by Zaozhuang Mining Group Coal Chemical Research travel motor Co., Ltd. and Tianjin University. In the interview with reporters, Shi Jingli, the leader of the evaluation expert group and professor of Tianjin Polytechnic University, said that the process is highly applicable, and the quality of the needle-shaped coke products for lithium-ion negative electrodes produced is stable. The negative electrode materials produced have high-capacity characteristics and can be replaced. Imported products.

The relevant data shows that from January to September 2017, the total demand for needle coke in China is 250,000 tons, of which the demand for needle electrode coke of graphite electrode is 110,000 tons, and the demand for needle coke of lithium battery anode material The amount is 140,000 tons. However, the domestic prior art can only support the needle coke for some graphite electrodes, and the needle coke applied to the lithium negative electrode material all depends on the import. This also led to the price of needle coke rose from 4,000 yuan / ton at the beginning of the year to 35,000 yuan / ton. The rapid development of new energy vehicles will drive the demand for anode materials. It is estimated that the total demand for needle coke in China will reach 600,000 tons in 2020, and the demand for needle-shaped coke for lithium battery anode materials is 350,000 tons, which has broad development prospects.

The evaluation opinion of the evaluation committee shows that the main innovation of the project is the development of coal tar low-temperature extraction asphalt technology, which has the characteristics of green energy saving; the use of double solvent continuous asphalt extraction technology to effectively remove coal tar pitch The primary quinoline insoluble matter retains the higher β resin component; the delayed coking process such as temperature change, pressure swing and gas lift pull is used to convert the asphalt to the wide-area streamlined mesophase structure, thereby preparing the needle with excellent orientation structure. Coke; by adding ferrocene, the coke yield, strength and degree of graphitization are improved.

Integral to the above technology, the researchers have achieved the needle-like coke of lithium battery anode material by regulating the delayed coking process, and have reached the indexes of the needle-shaped coke of lithium battery anode material (the battery capacity reaches 355.5mAh and the volatile content is 6.65). %).

According to Dean of the Coal Chemical Research Institute of Zao Mining Group and De Tao, Zaozhou Group is the first domestic enterprise to use coal tar low-temperature extraction of asphalt to prepare needle-shaped coke for lithium battery anode. Year of construction, three and a half years of experimental research, successfully produced a special needle-shaped coke for lithium battery negative, initially with industrialization conditions.