The Long March II C rocket “One Arrow Samsung” was successfully launched

At noon on September 29, the Long March II C rocket successfully delivered three satellites into the orbit at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and the launch was a complete success. This is the 251st launch of the China Long March series of launch vehicles.

According to the introduction of the First Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, the Long March II C rocket was improved on the basis of the Long March II rocket, with a total length of 43 meters and a take-off weight of 245 tons. In 1975, the Changzheng No. 2 C rocket was launched for the first time. It has successfully completed 44 launch missions with a success rate of over 97%. It is the longest-running gold rocket in the Long March series. The Long March II C rocket is mainly used to launch low-orbit and sun-synchronous orbit satellites, and is outstanding in the commercial launch of Chinese rockets.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of commercial aerospace, the Long March Rocket is striving to seize the opportunity in the fierce competition in the commercial aerospace market by creating innovative trains and providing customized services.

Excavator arm removal solution, deputy chief of the Long March II C rocket, said that in the field of space launching, the launch of low-orbit small satellites is fierce. We will use the Long March II C rocket as a cost-effective rocket positioned in the low- and low-orbit satellite launch market. We will implement the Long March II C rocket V4.0 project in three years to improve the rocket’s market competitiveness and ensure the rocket’s leading position. .

Shi Xiaohong, deputy director of the Development Planning Department of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said that in the future, the commercial version of solid small commercial rockets will be accelerated, and differentiated commercial launch services will be provided to the market; and the development of suborbital vehicles will be steadily promoted. Explore the construction of a market-oriented commercial version of the world’s round-trip transportation system.