Shandong hazardous chemicals transport enterprise 892 million yuan ticket

On the 29th, I learned from the Shandong Provincial Traffic Police Corps that in the first half of this year, the traffic warnings received by the 110 police service desks in the province dropped by 7.4% year-on-year; the number of large accidents and deaths in the province decreased by 14.3% and 10.2% respectively. The detection rate of traffic accidents and escape cases reached 98.4%. The province’s public security traffic police concentrated on organizing illegal traffic control of road traffic, investigating and handling various traffic violations by 22.5% year-on-year, investigating and dealing with 250,000 violations of laws and regulations, and investigating 2,300 illegal traffic accidents on school buses. A total of 892 fines were issued. In terms of governance congestion, the province’s traffic police investigated a total of 396 points of urban traffic jams, and determined 204 orders of strict management of the street.

The trucks were overloaded, illegally modified, and the serious illegal investigation of the mucks increased by 91.9% and 43.8 respectively. %, 523%, the over-loaded vehicles passing through highway toll stations decreased by 66.9% year-on-year, of which over 100% overloaded vehicles decreased by 94.4%. Investigate 16,000 road safety hazards, rectify 6,300, and supervise 6,900. The average inspection rate and scrap rate of key vehicles such as “transfer to non-profit” buses, dangerous chemicals transport vehicles, large-scale highway buses, large tourist buses and school buses all reached 99%, and the inspection rate of key vehicle drivers reached 98.7%.

The number of traffic violations reported by the masses was 890, and 655 investigations were carried out. For the road traffic safety risk points and weak links, the police traffic police departments at all levels in the province will organize a tough battle for traffic safety rectification, and strengthen the supervision of long-distance buses, tourist chartered vehicles, dangerous chemicals transport vehicles and severely overloaded trucks. Focus on investigating the “four categories” of speeding, overcrowding, overloading, and fatigue driving, deepen the actions of clearing hidden dangers at the source, rectify the responsibility of the main body of safety production, and refrain from loading the source of serious overloaded trucks to minimize potential safety hazards.